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 JaxView SOA Management Product Overview 

JaxView in Action

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JaxView: Visibility and Control for Your SOA and Cloud Services & APIs

In a flexible SOA environment, it's challenging to make sure that everything is working the way it's supposed to.

  • Are your Web services available to the applications that need them?
  • Do you know your service dependencies and mapping?
  • If a service breaks do you know the impact on different processes?
  • Can your end-users complete transactions that flow through services?
  • How do you identify problems and resolve them quickly?
  • Do you know who is accessing your services and can you prevent unauthorized access?
  • Can you report and quickly respond to changes?

JaxView: End-to-end SOA Management

JaxView gives end-to-end control of all aspects of SOA Management and SOA Governance:

  • Visibility: Complete visibility into Web service transactions
  • Availability: Ensure the availability of critical Web services
  • Security: Save time by centralizing SOA security enforcement 
  • Brokering: Control access and message flow  

Cost-effective to Buy and Own

The return on investment from JaxView is not only in the cost of the product - which is significantly below comparable products - but in the total cost of ownership. You can get started with JaxView for less than $2000, with no need to buy expensive, time-consuming professional services.  See our complete price list for more information.

How JaxView Works

JaxView was designed from the ground up to delivery straightforward deployment with low total cost of ownership. JaxView offers flexible deployment options to meet your specific SOA management needs: 
  • Agentless
  • Agent-based
  • Gateway or proxy
Learn more about what deployment is right for you: non-intrusive agentless monitoring with autodiscovery, complete control with proxy deployment or a combination?



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JaxView Product Screen Shots

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Main Console


Message Summary Table


Monitor Types




Report Example


Transaction Report


NOC Console View

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