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 Cloud APIs Visibility and Monitoring 

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CloudGate Delivers End-to-end API and Services Visibility

With CloudGate, the APIs that interface with your methods are fully metered, and all information is captured for auditing and compliance. CloudGate is the only API Management solution that can save every message that is passed to and from an API, to meet the strictest compliance and governance requirements.

End-to-End API and Services Visibility

CloudGate can gather metrics to support service level agreements (SLA) and data that IT operations needs to troubleshoot and resolve issues including:

  • Monitoring SOAP service messages and REST messages including JSon
  • Enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Visibility into backend protocols such as RMI, JMS, and JDBC
  • Automatic identification of rogue services
  • Access to the XML or JSon contents of API messages
  • Centralized view of all API activity
  • Performance monitors to measure API response time
  • Monitoring of API throughput per client
  • Monitoring fault totals and fault rate
  • Fault type and content monitoring including fault code and fault text string
  • The number of faults as a percentage of requests

Message Auditing and Compliance

CloudGate is one of the only API Management products available that provides message persistence and auditing without degradation in performance. Out of the box, CloudGate stores all message payloads for a customizable time period. CloudGate also provides message audit reports that satisfy compliance concerns for Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPPA. Message persistence in CloudGate also allows for generation of test scenarios from production data. CloudGate can create test scenarios for most service testing tools such as Parasoft SOA Test or SOAPUi.

Transaction Monitoring

Service processes that are composed of interactions with multiple API end points create new challenges for managing business process transactions. CloudGate provides monitoring capabilities for multi-step transactions including:

  • Stepwise monitoring to reveal bottle necks within each instance of a transaction
  • Monitoring for commits or rollbacks for transactions
  • Understanding relationships between services within the context of transactions
  • Gaining visibility into backend protocols such as SQL queries, RMI or JMS, without the need to install agents

Performance Baselines

Calculating baselines for performance metrics allows event thresholds to be set relative to system usage trends. Event thresholds can then be set relative to a deviation percentage from the baseline rather than an absolute value, resulting in fewer redundant or unjustified event notifications. CloudGate includes the following baselining options:

  • Rolling Baseline - Compares current performance metrics with a statistical baseline calculated for a period of hours preceding the current period.
  • Weekly/Daily Baseline - Compares current performance metrics with performance baselines calculated for the same period day-over-day or week-over-week.
  • Specific Date Baseline - Compares current performance metrics with the metrics from a specific date.

Reports and Event Alerting

CloudGate includes scheduled reports generated at predetermined intervals and also supports on-demand reports over custom time intervals. Reports can display:
  • Performance data in tabular and line chart formats
  • Usage and throughput summaries
  • Individual error and warning events and percentages
  • Fault totals and percentages for SLA reports
  • Performance and usage data per specific client

CloudGate includes event alerts that can be sent using the following media and protocols:

  • Email - send to operations or development team members
  • Script Execution - automatically launch a maintenance or corrective action
  • SNMP - send a trap to a management console
  • JMS - transmit a message via a JMS-based message bus
  • SOAP - send a message to a Web services enabled application or database
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