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CloudGate Features and Benefits

CloudGate is a hosted cloud API management and governance solution that gives end-to-end control of web-based services and API deployed in the public and private cloud infrastructures. With CloudGate you would be able to design, monitor, secure, and deliver your internal APIs to external partners and developers.

CloudGate Features Include:

CloudGate Security Features

  • Internal authentication and authorization - Use CloudGate’s internal directory for authentication and authorization of consumer
  • Authentication and authorization through LDAP or Active Directory - Authenticate and authorize consumers through an external directory
  • Support for OAuth 1 and OAuth2 - CloudGate has full support for OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 authentication mechanism. It includes an authorization, token generation and token validation server.
  • Support for SAML, and OpenID. CloudGate includes an internal secure token service for token generation and mapping.
  • SSL termination and initiation - Use CloudGate as a SSL termination or SSL initiation point
  • Encryption/Decryption - Encrypt or decrypt portions of the XML/JSON payload on request or response
  • Digital signature validation/insertion - Insert or validate digital signatures of the payload
  • IP address filtering - Deny access to consumers with unrecognized IP addresses
  • Schema compliance - Deny access to payloads that don't comply with a specific schema
  • Includes a secure token service for federated SSO
  • Use or Google as user stores

CloudGate Message Brokering Features

  • Usage throttling - Limit usage of an API based on filters, clients, keys, methods or group.
  • Dynamic schema modification and transformation - Dynamically modify the request or response payload schema for example from REST <-> SOAP, JSON <-> XML etc.... This can be done by invoking a transformation algorithm or through XPath/REGEX policies.
  • Intelligent response caching - Cache regularly use responses based on a specific request.
  • WebSockets - Be able to present http web services and APIs as a WebSocket application.
  • Compression - Compress large payloads such as media streams using standard compression techniques such as Gzip.
  • Content-based routing - Route to different endpoint based on content of the request
  • Exception-based routing - In case of an exception, re-route the request to a different endpoint
  • Failover and load balancing - Load balance the requests between end points
  • Client based throttling - Control usage rate of service for individual client based on a pre-determined SLA
  • Protocol conversion - Convert from JMS to HTTP and vice versa
  • Service virtualization - Combine artifacts of multiple service to create new "virtual" services and APIs complete with dynamic WSDL/WADL generation

CloudGate API Visibility - Real consumer Monitoring & Analytics

  • Support for REST, SOAP - CloudGate provides management for both SOAP and REST based services and APIs
  • Performance Management - Manage performance of service for individual consumers
  • SLA Management - Monitor client SLA's against either a static or dynamic baseline
  • Fault Management - Monitor and report on faults, fault codes, fault ids, etc.
  • Schema compliance - Make sure every request schema is compliant against a based schema
  • Auditing of messages - Save message request/responses for auditing purposes and message reports
  • Client usage metering - Measure and monitor the usage of every service or API from a specific set of clients
  • Content and business activity monitoring - Monitor the content of each request and response for specific KPIs
  • Flexible alerting - Alert on all monitoring functionalities based on customizable rules via email, SNMP, script, JMS, SOAP, etc.
  • Reporting - Both adhoc and scheduled reporting
  • Global multi-jurisdictional auditing and compliance

CloudGate Developer Portal

Allow the CloudGate team custom build a developer portal to quickly expose your APIs to your developer community. The portal feature will include

  • An API console to test the APIs directly through documentation or DOCS/IO.
  • A forum to support the developer community and answer questions.
  • Documentation platform to document your API and provide examples of clients and publish the necessary SDKs.
  • A blog section to communicate with your user community regarding the published APIs

CloudGate Billing and Invoicing Features

  • Use CloudGate to monetize your API by using CloudGate to automatically generate invoices based on SLA's for the consumers of the API
  • Use CloudGate billing API to integrate with your in house billing system
  • Reporting - Both adhoc and scheduled reporting on every metric being monitored

CloudGate Availability Monitoring Features

  • Synthetic Monitoring: Generate synthetic requests to be sent on a schedule to validate availability of service
  • Performance Management - Manage performance based on service response time
  • Reporting - Both adhoc and scheduled reporting
  • Flexible alerting - Alert on all monitoring functionalities based on customizable rules. Set thresholds based on the response content
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