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CloudGate API Security, Analytics, Monitoring, Auditing, and on boarding

When moving Web services and API into a public or private cloud, there is a new layer of management issues:

CloudGate: Management, Visibility and Control for Web API and services in public or private cloud environments

You want the whole world to see and use your API, but still need to secure, meter, govern, and monitor them. CloudGate is a API management solution that provides end-to-end control of web-based API deployed in public or private cloud infrastructures including:

  • Visibility, Analytics and Compliance: Audit and Meter all traffic with complete visibility into real consumer communication with the API. Provide Reporting and other analytics based on performance of your APIs
  • API Control and Security: Provide Security and other control policies such as transformation, response caching for your APIs
  • Partner Developer Portal: Provide a developer and partner portal for onboarding of developers and provide testing and communication with your community
  • API Packaging: Create API plans for groups of developers that provide traffic management and different SLAs based on the consumer
  • Monitoring: Monitor all API communiction and availablity of your APIs with CloudGate real time monitoring capabilities

Self-Service, or Managed Service turn key, Saas-Based API Management solution

CloudGate is a fully hosted solution that allows you to buy API management the same way you buy your cloud-based infrastructure – the no hassle way. With CloudGate there is no management server to install and no infrastructure to support. You pay for just what you use and turn it off whenever you’re done.

CloudGate for on premise or private networks.

CloudGate is also available for on premise and API hosted in private clouds. CloudGate's ease of install and ultimatley cost of ownership allows it to be easily purchased for within the DMZ deployment. A cluster ready version can be deployed in high availability architecture

CloudGate SaaS Deployment

CloudGate is a self-service application or optionally managed service that gives you complete control of your API management activities. CloudGate can be used for all stages of the API and service lifecycle. CloudGate evolves with your business model, so as consumer usage of your API grow CloudGate can easily expand with it.


Visibility Analytics and Compliance

  • API Tracking - Be able to understand how your APIs are being used by different consumers.
  • SLA Management - Build specific SLAs around usage, performance, PKIs of the consumer communication with the API
  • Auditing - - CloudGate stores all message communication between the consumer and provider and allows creation of audit reports based on the messages
  • Reports - - Build adhoc or scheduled daily, weekly or monthly reports based on the activity and other monitor types including fault management, performance and business activity monitoring. Read more....
  • Reporting API - Use CloudGate internal reporting APIs to generate reports using 3rd party reporting tools or a use a REST client to extract reporting data from CloudGate
  • Partner Reporting - Generate reports based on the consumer of the APIs and different API keys.
  • Big Data - Store the monitoring or message data to a NoSQl data store such as Cassandra or Hadoop


API Control and Security

  • Central Management - Be able to manage all of your APIs from a single role based console
  • Traffic Control and Rate Limits - Create API policy plans for different consumers and set specific rate limits for each consumer based on a pre determined SLA. Read more.....
  • API Security - Use OAuth, SAML, Kerbros, for token generation and other authentication and authorization methods for consumers of your APIs. Use an internale or external directory for authenticationa and authorization of the consumers of the APIs. Read more......
  • Partner Roles - Create different set of policies and priviledges for you different classes of partners.
  • Response Caching and Compression - Use response caching and GZip to reduce response time and load on backend APIs.
  • Schema Transformation - Use CloudGate transformation policies to provide REST <-> SOAP or XML to Json functionality. Read more.....
  • Content Filtering and Routing - Remove un wanted content before routing the request to the API. Use content to provide content based routing. Read more.....


CloudGate Developer Portal

  • Developer Portal- Create a web portal with your company look and feel that allows you to support and maitain your developer community.
  • Manage your API Keys - Create and manage thousands of partners, developers and API keys. Make key provisioning the easy part of API management
  • Engagement Reports and Tools - Use CloudGate developer portal test console and other tools such as status reports and performace tools to engage your partners and allow them to generate specific metrics based on their API usage.
  • Support forum and documentation - Add all of your API documentation and client examples into the portal using WordPress content management system and use the portal forum to manage support and issues with the usage of your APIs.
  • API Doc Console - Use the CloudGate API console to test and allow them to execute calls to your APIs directly from the portal



  • Real User Monitoring- Monitor real consumer interaction with your APIs. Provide monitoring metrics for your APIs. Read more.....
  • Availability Monitoring - Check for availability of your APIs by using CloudGate active synthetic monitoring.Read more.....
  • Alerting - Receive alerts in the form of email, snmp, script execution etc... when something unexpected or predefined thresholds are met
  • Auditing - Create audit reports for all message communication between your consumers and the APIs


API Packaging

  • API as Products - Create APIs as a products to allow access to your key partners and developers. Give them role based access to CloudGate for self management.
  • Multi Tenant - Use CloudGate as a multi tenent SaaS based application to give access to your clients and partners.
  • Policy Plans - Create a pre determined policy and access plans for different groups of consumers
  • Fine Grain Access - Create access plans based on methods, ip addresses, clients, content, headers etc...
  • Billing and Invoicing - Create PCI compliant invoicing and billing for your clients. Automatically generate invoices based on usage and SLAs

Powered by JaxView

CloudGate leverages technology from leading SOA Management product, JaxView, and applies it to the special needs of applications running in public infrastructure clouds. Cloudgate offers the same benefits as JaxView with a gateway deployment, purchased as a SaaS application.

Key CloudGate Capabilities:

  • Externalize enforcement of security policies to a gateway
  • Create a set of policy enforcement profiles based on consumer usage
  • Provide visibility into real consumer communication with services and API
  • Create and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on performance, availability, usage, and compliance
  • Apply protocol conversion, transformation, and schema modification to your communication such as REST <->SOAP, JSON <-> SOAP, JSON <-> XML, etc. This can be done via configuration or invocation of a user defined customized algorithm.
  • Monetize your API by using CloudGate automatic billing and invoicing functionalities
  • Itegrate CloudGate billing API with your in house billing and invoicing systems
  • Throttle API traffic based on time of day and SLAs
  • Enforce performance and availability of SLAs
  • Secure services using encryption, digital signatures, authorization, and authentication
  • Full support for OAuth, SAML, Kerberos and other identity federation protocols
  • Integrate with external Identity Management systems and LDAP diretories
  • Check availability of services using active (synthetic) monitoring
  • Audit all message communication for compliance purposes
  • Apply protocol conversion, transformation, and schema modification to your communication such as REST <->SOAP, JSON <-> SOAP, JSON <-> XML, etc.
  • Understand how consumers use your API’s and services in the public cloud
  • And much more
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