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Frequently Asked Questions about CloudGate

What is CloudGate? CloudGate is a self-service cloud services management solution that enables consumers and providers of services and API's to manage these environments. CloudGate provides visibility (monitoring, auditing, SLA management, alerting, reporting etc...) and control (authentication, authorization, encryption, routing, virtualization) over service communication from a remote location as a service.

How is CloudGate deployed? CloudGate is a SAAS-based application that is implemented as a gateway or proxy.

How does CloudGate work? Start by registering to set up a CloudGate account here. After you create an account you can log in and add the services you want to monitor by either giving it the URL of the service in case of REST services or WSDL location in case of SOAP based services. CloudGate then creates a new endpoint address for the service. Your consumers of the service can now use that new endpoint address to access the service. This new endpoint address is CloudGate so now the requests go to CloudGate which then enforces visibility and control policies before routing the request to the actual service.

How much does CloudGate cost? CloudGate costs are published here. CloudGate is priced based on usage as established by the number of messages per day. All charges are sent to you with a quote so you are never charged anything other than what you see on our web site.

What problems can I solve with CloudGate? CloudGate provides visibility and control to you services and API's. You can answer the following types of questions with CloudGate.

  • Who is using my service and what is their usage?
  • What is the availability of my cloud-based services?
  • How can I audit service communication?
  • How can I report on SLAs and performance?
  • How do I authenticate and authorize consumers?
  • Can I support encryption and digital signatures?
  • Can I monitor my cloud-based services?
  • How do I route and throttle traffic?
  • Can I modify schemas dynamically?
  • Can I virtualize my services?

How much latency does CloudGate add to each communication? It depends on the types of policies you would like to enforce. For example, if there are encryption policies to be enforced, the latency is larger. But that is a latency that you would need to address regardless of whether your service code or CloudGate enforces that policy. In general, CloudGate does not add more latency than any other router.

What is CloudGate’s availability level? We strive to have 100 percent availability. CloudGate runs on a cluster of servers with a load balancer in front. Its availability is assured. CloudGate never requires gateway downtimes for maintenance.

How long does it take to set up CloudGate? Not very long at all. You should quickly be able to add your services to CloudGate and start managing them within minutes. This video can help you get started.

How is my data stored? Is it secured? We take the security and privacy of your data very seriously. Your data is stored in a database and can only be accessed by the account owner. No one else has access to your data and you can decide for each service how long to save the data for. The preset storage time is 30 days but you can contact us if longer time is needed.

What is the support level for CloudGate? Email support is provided for all levels of CloudGate. Only paying customers will have access to phone support.

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