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Supported Microsoft Environments

JaxView brings complete visibility and governance to companies that use Microsoft as their primary development and server platform.

View News : JaxView adds support for Windows Integrated Security

  • .NET Framework

    JaxView allows the users to install agents on their .Net platform to provide visibility, governance and last mile security into services running on top of .NET.

  • Windows Integrated Authentication

    JaxView is the only J2EE product on the market that can enforce such policies as brokering, virtualization, throttling, or routing in a gateway mode while fully supporting Windows Integrated Authentication with NTLM and/or Kerberos.

  • Microsoft BizTalk Server

    JaxView agentless deployment will allow visibility into inter-service communication for services deployed on the Microsoft Biz Talk Server. JaxView can “sniff” on the network for protocols such as SOAP, REST, HTTP, HTTPS or any other TCP related protocols. It can perform monitoring of performance, performance base-lining, SLA’s, Exception management, metering, auditing, alerting and reporting for real user interactions.

    In agentless deployment JaxView can provide visibility for messages coming into the biz talk server and leaving the biz talk server. Therefore providing correlation parameters for the latency produced by the biz talk server itself.

    JaxView can also provide visibility, performance measurements, detection of exception and usage characteristics of the biz talk server by becoming part of the component pipeline. It can "register on the bus" and extend its capabilities to include the Receive Locations and Send Ports of the Biztalk server. This can be done regardless of the underlying protocols.

  • MS SQL Server

    JaxView can use MS SQL Server as its persistence platform to store monitored data, messages and all of its configuration.

    JaxView deployed in agentless mode can monitor communication with an MS SQL Server database by looking at the raw TCP packets.

  • Active Directory Integration

    JaxView, in gateway mode, can integrate with Active Directory to perform authorization and authentication of the consumers accessing services and API's. JaxView console can also be integrated to the central Active directory for access authorization and role propagation

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services

    JaxView can provide visibility, and security, for WCF service communication where either netTCPBinding or HTTPBinding types are used.


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