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Supported Oracle Environments

JaxView is used in many deployments to support different products from Oracle. We can provide comprehensive runtime governance technology for loosely coupled applications built on Oracle’s BEA Weblogic application server and secured by Oracle Access Manager. Below is the list of integration points with different products from Oracle.

View News : JaxView adds deep integration for BEA’s Aqualogic 3.0, Weblogic Integration (WLI)

  • Oracle's BEA WebLogic, BEA AquaLogic, WebLogic Integration (WLI)

    JaxView can provide visibility into BEA WebLogic through all three of its deployment options.

    - Agentless deployment can provide visibility by sniffing on the network traffic for services that reside on the AquaLogic or WebLogic ESB.

    - Our Agents can provide visibility and last mile security by instrumenting the BEA WebLogic, AquaLogic and WLI

    - Proxy deployment can provide security, brokering, virtualization and policy enforcement for the ESB deployed services very similar to features provided by Oracle Service Manager at a fraction of the cost.

  • Oracle Identity Management System
    JaxView can integrate with Oracle Identity Management system and Oracle Access Gateway to provide single sign on when deployed as a proxy. The authorization policies are completely customizable to meet any type of proprietary protocols. Out of the box it supports SAML and HTTP Cookies.

  • OpenSSO
    JaxView can integrate with OpenSSO for single sign on and integration with its embedded secure token service when deployed as a proxy. The authorization policies are completely customizable to meet any type of proprietary protocols including authentication using SAML, Kerberos, http cookies

  • Oracle Service Registry and Repository

    JaxView has a closed loop governance integration with Oracle Service Registry and Repository. This functionality includes

    - Automatic query of the registry for list of new services to be monitored. Even rogue services.

    - Automatic query of the registry for new policies including security, routing, SLA policies and enforcing those policies at runtime.

    - Publishing of new policies into Oracle Service registry as WS-Policy attachements

    - Publishing of service status pages that quickly allow the users of the registry to understand the usage, performance, and exceptions within the Oracle service registry.

  • Oracle Database

    JaxView can use an Oracle database as its persistence platform to store monitored data, messages and all of its configuration.

    JaxView deployed in agentless mode can monitor communication with a Oracle database by looking at the raw TCP packet.


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