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Support for JBoss Environments

With many open APIís for customization, JaxView is a clear choice for the open source community.

JaxView deployed in agentless mode can provide visibility into all transaction in and out of a JBoss application server by sniffing on the network that the traffic is flowing through. In this deployment option, JaxView can provide visibility into not only HTTP-based traffic by also JMS, JMX, RMI or any other TCP-based protocols. This agentless visibility into JBoss through a port mirror or TAP is the only one available in the Cloud and SOA runtime governance space.

This deployment can be used to perform transaction tracking, consumer SLAís and metering and monitoring, alerting and auditing of all transaction within the JBoss SOA platform.

To enforce policies, JaxView can be deployed in the gateway mode to add additional control to the service installed on JBoss platform. In this mode JaxView can enforce security, routing, throttling, and virtualization of the services.

If you are looking to gain visibility into intra-container calls within services that are deployed on the same JBoss ESB and JBoss application server then you can use the JaxView agent-based deployment. The JaxView JBoss ESB and JBoss application server agent is light-weight and monitors all calls being made within services that are installed on the same container.

JaxView can provide end-to-end visibility and control over the JBoss deployed services in their environment including multiple protocols used by those services.


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