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Supported IBM Platforms

Managed Methods supports a wide range of products from IBM. We provide comprehensive runtime governance technology for loosely coupled applications built on IBM’s WebSphere application server and secured by the DataPower appliance. Below is the list of integration points with different products from IBM.

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  • WebSphere ESB

    JaxView provides visibility into WebSphere ESB through all three of its deployment options.

    - Agentless deployment can provide visibility by sniffing on the network traffic for services that reside on the WebSphere ESB.

    - Our agents can provide visibility and last mile security by instrumenting the WebSphere ESB

    - Proxy deployment can provide security, brokering, virtualization and policy enforcement for the ESB deployed services very similar to features provided by DataPower at a fraction of the cost.

  • WebSphere Application Server

    JaxView support for WebSphere application server is very similar to its support of the ESB as mentioned above

  • WebSphere MQ

    JaxView has support for visibility into JMS protocols specifically running on WebSphere MQ both through our agent instrumentation of the MQ and the agentless approach of sniffing on the network for JMS communication.

    JaxView can also monitor availability of MQ topics and queues by actively sending a synthetic JMS message to the topic/queue to make sure they are available and responding correctly

  • DataPower

    JaxView can work in “sniffer mode” to provide visibility into service communication for services being mediated by DataPower. JaxView is one of the only products on the market that can provide visibility into SSL encrypted network communication provided the server side private key is available.

  • DB2

    JaxView can use DB2 database as its persistence platform to store monitored data, messages and its entire configuration.

    JaxView deployed in agentless mode can monitor communication with a DB2 database by looking at the raw TCP packet.


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