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Consulting Services from Managed Methods

At Managed Methods, we are committed to help our customers implement meaningful and effective management solutions for their cloud services and SOA environments. Our deep experience in implementing these services is available to you.

  • JaxView Deployment Service - With the complexity of service-oriented environments and the flexible deployment options possible with JaxView, implementing an effective services management solution can be a daunting task. Managed Methods consulting services can provide an expert JaxView deployment tailored to meet the requirements of your operating environment and management objectives. This can include deployment, configuration of monitors and event notification logic, integration with data reporting tools, and development of runtime governance policies. We can also provide guidance on using JaxView to support service level agreements, performance baselines, and assist in mapping services with underlying infrastructure.
  • Custom JaxView Development - Managed Methods offers software development services for CloudGate and JaxView customization and extensions. This includes developing message modification features, custom alert types, integration APIs, or adapters for monitoring non-standards-based service implementations. Contact for more information.
  • Product Training - Although our products include self-guided user documentation, we can provide on-site CloudGate and JaxView product training for your operations team. The training can be tailored to your needs. Contact for more information.

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With JaxView Agentless Management in your service-oriented environment you can:

  • Autodiscover Web services
  • Audit service performance
  • Meter service usage
  • Uncover rogue services
  • View fault and error messages
  • Manage service level agreements (SLA)
  • Report on service operations

What's more: you can be up and running with JaxView in less than a day!

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Unlimited Heartbeat Monitoring for $1999

Use JaxView AM to send synthetic SOAP requests for monitoring the availability of an unlimited number of Web services for only $1999.

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