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Packaging and Pricing

Managed Methods wants to make it easy to buy from us. Our pricing is published here for you to see: You can purchase with check, credit card, or money order. Just contact us via phone, email, fax or mail whatever you prefer.
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CloudGate Pricing

CloudGate was created for organizations looking for hosted cloud services management solution without big setup costs.

Number of Messages Per Day 500000/day 5000000/day 15000000/day > 15000000/day
Number of Services or API's Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price per Month
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JaxView Pricing

Managed Methods offers flexible licensing to support our objective to be a cost-effective provider of solutions for Web services monitoring and SOA management. JaxView is offered in three product versions based on licensing. The sections below describe the licensing cost and include a comparison table of product version functionality.

Application Server-Based Licensing

The following table lists the JaxView product licensing for application-based monitoring and management. Application-based licensing is based on the number of CPUs of the application server(s) being monitored by JaxView. This provides a scalable pricing model for small and medium-sized Web services deployments.

Product Version License Price
JaxView ME

$1999 USD*

€1995 **

JaxView Application Server-Based

$3999 USD*

€3995 **

JaxView Server-Based Licensing

We also offer licensing based only on the number of CPUs on the servers where JaxView is deployed managing un-limited number of application servers hosting services. This option is designed for rapidly growing and large-scale Web services deployments. Contact Managed Methods for more information about this server-based licensing.

Product Version License Price
JaxView Server-Based

$14999 USD***

€14999 **

Availability Monitoring Licensing

JaxView Availability Monitoring (JaxView AM) license is a fixed price for unlimited "Heart Beat" availability monitoring of Web services.

Product Version License Price
JaxView AM

$3999 USD

€3999 **

JaxView AM (Up to 2 Monitors)



*Application-based licensing described above does NOT include service applications running on mainframe platforms. Please contact for mainframe pricing.
** Customers in UK pay this amount in British pound.
* ***Pricing applies to CPUs.

If the machine the customer wishes to license has multiple cores or threads, then pricing is based per core or thread with a 25% discount on each. The VM CPUs are based on the server pricing above

Support and Upgrades

This is a recurring price for one year of either phone or email support. This also allows you to download free upgrades and new versions of the software as they are released during that year. Support and Upgrade are not optional and it is priced at 20% of the cost of the license. They have to be renwed anually for the customer to continue use of the software.

Support and Upgrade for JaxView AM Free option is $399/year


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Learn how easy it can be to start managing your APIs.

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JaxView Product Screen Shots

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