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JaxView Delivers Enterprise Features for SOA Management 

JaxView is a powerful and flexible product that delivers the features you need to manage your enterprise SOA. For the best understanding of JaxView, we encourage you to download a free trial.

-Installation and Configuration


-Security and Message Brokering

Installation and Configuration

Feature Benefit
Installs in minutes

Save time with a single installation that installs in minutes. Gain visibility into your Web service operations in hours rather than days. 

Multiple Deployment Options

The same installation of JaxView can be used with below multiple deployment options.

  • Agent-Less Deployment - In this deployment option JaxView will work as a network sniffer to provide visibility into real user service traffic. This includes monitoring, SLA management, Auditing, Metering, Reporting and alerting.
  • HTTP/XMLGateWay Deployment - In this deployment JaxView can be deployed as an XML Gateway and act as both XML Firewall, Lite ESB and monitoring solution
  • Agent Deployment - In this deployment JaxView nano agents or stubs will be installed on the application service hosting the services to provide both monitoring and last mile security functionalities. JaxView agents are designed for both J2EE and .NET application servers. They also include specific agents for some commercial ESBs and application servers
Service Dependency Mapping

JaxView can provide a mapping of all your service dependencies within minutes. JaxView dependency mapping can provide:

- Mapping of all service dependencies
- Impact analysis of service outages
- Identification of all components of a SOA process

Comprehensive reporting

JaxView improves efficiency with a centralized view of all Web services activity. Data tables and graphs display performance, usage, throughput, events, and faults. View high-level summaries or drill down on specific client activity.  Pre-defined reports include:

- Service uptime and performance
- Client usage rate 
- Service throughput per client
- Fault totals and fault rate
- Faults as a percentage of requests

Flexible alerting

JaxView's flexible alerting quickly informs your team of issues via email, SNMP trap, JMS, SOAP, or script execution.

Service virtualization

JaxView's virtualization options allow the user to create new virtual service from artifacts such as operations of one or more services. Complete with dynamic wsdl generation. This allows deployment of highly targetd end points with different capabilities for different users.

Rolling or specific baseline setting

Minimize redudent or false alarms by setting alert thresholds based on relative system trends. JaxView offers rolling baselines that compare current performance metrics with a statistical baseline calculated for a period of hours preceding the current period, weekly or daily baselines that compare current performance with similar time periods, and specific date baselines that compares current performance with a date you specify.

Flexible, scalable architecture

JaxView is architected to evolve as your Web service deployment grows. Multiple JaxView servers can be clustered behind a load balancer. Data can be shared between distributed JaxView installations through a common database. Multiple JaxView configurations can be managed from a single JaxView server interface.


Save time by using JaxView to automatically discover what Web services are active and being accessed without installing messaging agents, accessing service application code, or installing a service proxy. Save more time by having JaxView automatically add service information and configure monitoring settings for each discovered service.

Integrate into your existing environment

Save time and cost with standards-compliant JaxView features that facilitate integration with JDBC-compliant databases, JMS-enabled service busses, LDAP-compliant identity management services, and UDDI standard registries in the service environment. Access data and manage JaxView configuration remotely using a SOAP-enabled client application.


Feature Benefit
Multi-step transaction monitoring

Speed troubleshooting by correlating performance bottlenecks to individual services in multi-step business transactions. Proactively test and verify multi-step business processes both end-to-end and step-wise to understand overall user experience and reveal performance bottlenecks within each instance of a transaction. JaxView supports WS-Transaction and WS-Coordination. 


Be able to audit all message communication between consumers and providers with customizable parameters. 


Be able to monitor service usage of specific consumers and providers. 

View services exchanges between real users

Improve troubleshooting and debugging with visibility into service fault messaging.

Web services performance monitoring and SLA management

Improve management of the SOA environment with a centralized view of Web service operations and performance. See individual service response and usage rates. Identify performance issues to support change management and capacity planning.

Service availability monitoring

Reduce risk by actively testing service availability with periodic "heartbeat" monitoring. Generate reports to document service availability.

Security and Message Brokering

Feature Benefit
Security proxy/XML firewall Options

Use JaxView to enable centralized security for Web services to save time and ease security management instead of implementing and managing security functions on individual service interfaces. Use JaxView as a proxy to check and enforce policies on XML message content. The enforcable security policies include authentication, authorization, single sign on, encryption, digital signatures, and integration with identity management systems.

Runtime policy enforcement options

Use the JaxView proxy/XML firewall solution to combine enforcement of automated policies on service access and usage with visibility into policy compliance. Reduce costs by managing WS-Policy assertions using JaxView's internal policy support instead of implementing a separate UDDI registry.

Closed-loop policy management

Save time managing services by integrating JaxView with a UDDI service registry to automatically query and update service information and policy implementations. Manage and update policies through the JaxView interface and have the policy statements automatically replicated to the registry.

Service mediation and message brokering

Use JaxView as a network intermediary to enable runtime message mediation and content-based brokering for Web services to integrate different systems, automate message routing rules and exception handling. Use JaxView to convert SOAP messages to JMS messaging.


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