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Florida State Board of Administration Case Study


Summary Florida State Board of Administration ( has the responsibility for managing a variety of trust and pension funds for the State of Florida. Their information technology department has been developing and deploying Web services to meet organizational objectives. As their service-oriented environment has grown, they found they were lacking visibility into the runtime operation of their services. They could not justify the price of most Web service management solutions they investigated given the size of their organization. They found that Managed Method\\\\\\\'s JaxView provided the performance monitoring functionality they needed at a cost that was much easier to sell to their management.

Background The Florida State Board of Administration (SBA) is a constitutional entity of Florida state government that provides a variety of investment services to various governmental entities. The FSBA manages some 25 trust funds and pension plans used for the benefit of state employees and residents including the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan, the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Trust Fund, and the Department of Lottery Funds, among other funds.

Florida SBA has been building Web services in-house using Microsoft .NET technologies. They have been building and deploying Web services over the last few years. The services provide a range of business functionality to their internal and external clients.

Problem The Florida State Board of Administration IT group were looking to have an interface or console where they could see all of the Web services they developed. They also wanted to perform some management functionality such as auditing, performance monitoring, and service level reporting for their Web service environment. Florida State Board IT department is a Microsoft shop. They had familiarity with Microsoft Management Console and other Microsoft tools.

The Florida SBA software engineers, like many other .NET developers, were faced with challenges in managing their evolving Web service environment. Their mandate was to implement services to support business processes. This stopped short of providing a way to get runtime information about the Web services in production. They thought, like many others, that there are no tools to perform such tasks at a price point to justify the purchase price given the size of their environment. The basic monitoring functionality that they needed also did not justify the investment in high end tools aimed at large SOA environments.

Solution The SBA selected JaxView as a cost-effective way to quickly catalog and monitor their Web services. They did not need JaxView for runtime governance so they chose the JaxView ME version for Web service monitoring. This was deployed using the agent-based architecture for .NET environments. JaxView agent handlers were installed as .NET Extension within their application container. After entering the service information into JaxView, they were able to view the performance data they needed using JaxView as a portal into their service environment. This was accomplished very quickly at a cost that was appreciated by their management.

"We like JaxView for its ease of deployment and return on investment



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