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Rotech Health Care Case Study

Rotech Health Care

Summary Rotech Health Care Systems (NASDAQ: ROHI) provides health care services through a variety of health care providers. As they began to move towards a more service-oriented applications there was a need for management of these services. Rotech SOA infrastructure included both SOAP based and REST style web services. After looking at other products they chose JaxView as the cost-effective solution from Managed Methods. JaxView was one of the only tools in the market that could provide management support for both types of Web services.

Background Rotech Health Care Systems is a national leader in providing home medical equipment, respiratory equipment, medications, and services for home use. More than 4,500 employees of the Rotech family of hometown companies contribute to delivering quality service and the best in professional patient care through more than 500 locations in 48 states across the United States. Rotech Health Care systems is using the latest technologies to provide multiple services to their clients. This includes a move towards service-oriented architecture (SOA) to provide a variety of services to their remote office locations. Most of the revenue generated by Rotech comes from payments received from the use of these services. There was a need to manage these services for performance and availability including Service level agreements set with the clients. This included usage metering and SLA management of these services for charge back to the clients.

Problem Rotech has implemented many services are outward-looking Web services that their clients use to manage their businesses. Their services include both SOAP-based services and XML based services (REST). They have a need for both metering and performance monitoring including SLA and fault management. Their infrastructure and policies required that the request and response messages information be gathered in a non-intrusive manner. Another requirement was imposed by the fact that Rotech is a Mac computer shop. All their applications run on the latest version of Mac OS X. The Web service management tool should ideally support this operating environment directly.

Solution After looking at many products in the SOA management space, Rotech chose JaxView. Written in a platform-independent language, JaxView was deployed to run on a Mac OS X machine. In order to gather service message data in a non-intrusive way, JaxView agent stubs where installed on Rotech application servers. The stubs replicate service performance data to the JaxView management server for processing without impacting service load or performance.

The ability to manage both SOAP-based and REST-based services was another key decision factor. The default JaxView functionality for SOAP-based services was easily deployed for the services using that implementation technology. For the REST-style Web services, Managed Methods provided services to extend the existing  functionality of the product. A customized agent stub was developed that is  called directly from the JSP pages rendering the XML service responses. This enabled Rotech to generate management metrics such as usage and performance for their specific clients that could be forwarded to their main console applications.

The ease with which JaxView was implemented in their environment and the support services provided by Managed Methods allowed Rotech to quickly get the management functionality and data that they needed.



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