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 API Management and SOA Governance 

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Learn how easy it can be to start managing your APIs.

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Managed Methods: Practical management for APIs & SOA

The flexibility that is offered to today's IT organizations by cloud computing and SOA has created huge management challenges for IT operations teams. Whether these are internal Web Services or external facing APIs there is a need for security, monitoring, auditing and management of SLAs. JaxView SOA Management can provide visibility into the back-end Web Services communications which includes mapping of service dependencies, monitoring and transaction auditing.
CloudGate API Management can provide security, monitoring, and delivery of external facing APIs to developers and partners alike.

Make management and governance the easy part of APIs and SOA

Managed Methods has developed our products from the ground up for speedy, non-intrusive deployment. With an intuitive Web-based management interface, CloudGateís SaaS approach and JaxView's flexible deployment options enable IT architects and development groups to:

  • Enforce defined security and brokering policies at runtime
  • Ensure service and API availability
  • Deliver visibility across your API and SOA environments
  • Provide first, middle, and last mile security for your services and APIs
  • Automatically respond to changes

A fundamentally different approach to governance of Cloud APIs and SOA

Managed Method's innovative approach leverages a policy-based implementation to deliver visibility, security, services brokering, transaction management and availability monitoring - all without requiring the complex implementation that makes other API and SOA governance solutions incredibly expensive to deploy and maintain.


Case Studies

Synovus Financial selects JaxView for agentless SOA monitoring.

Florida State Board of Administration uses JaxView for cost-effective Web services monitoring.

Rotech Health Care Systems chooses JaxView to monitor SOAP-based and REST-based services.

EuroNederland uses JaxView as gateway between client and mainframe services.

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